Wayzata Cohabitation Agreement Attorney

For same-sex and straight unmarried couples there are mechanisms that can be used to protect assets in the event that the relationship dissolves or in the event of a partner's death. Given the recent changes in Minnesota law concerning same-sex marriage, it is important you consult with an experienced attorney to understand changes in the law and the options such changes offer.

At Nordaune & Friesen, we routinely represent same-sex couples in family law and estate planning matters. We have significant experience in drafting cohabitation and personal partnership agreements, and tailor our legal services to meet your specific needs.

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Our Wayzata cohabitation agreement lawyers have been practicing for three decades and have a proven track record advocating for clients in the Twin Cities west metro area. Our firm is well-respected and we are held in high esteem by our colleagues in the legal community.

Twin Cities Lawyers Handling Same-Sex Partnership Cases

At Nordaune & Friesen, we have significant experience representing same-sex couples in matters involving estate planning, drafting cohabitation and partnership agreements, and more. To learn more about our legal services for same-sex couples, please contact our firm.

Cohabitation Agreements For Nonmarried Couples

Heterosexual and same-sex couples who are in a relationship outside of marriage have legal options for protecting assets in the event that the relationship dissolves. We help nonmarried couples draft effective cohabitation agreements and assist with other related matters.

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