The Probate Process In Minnesota

When a loved one has passed away, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with the financial affairs of the deceased. If you have been named the executor, personal representative or trustee, we at Nordaune & Friesen, PLLC, are here to answer questions and guide our clients through the probate process in the most efficient way possible.

For more than two decades our team has been helping individuals and families throughout the Twin Cities west metro area. We are well-recognized for the level of quality legal services that we provide for our clients in matters involving probate, estate planning, will contests, trust administration and more.

What To Expect During Your Probate Process

Navigating the probate process can be difficult and intimidating. When you meet with us, we will cover both the formal and informal probate process, and guide you through the steps involved in Minnesota probate. We will:

  • Review the provisions of the deceased’s will or trust with you
  • Explain the procedures involved if the individual died without a will
  • Work with you to commence any necessary probate proceeding

In some situations, we may even be able to avoid probate.

At Nordaune & Friesen, PLLC, we represent estates and their executors as personal representatives throughout the estate administration process. We help personal representatives complete all their legal duties, including:

  • Documenting and securing estate assets
  • Contacting heirs
  • Locating creditors and paying off estate debts
  • Preparing a quoted distribution of property to the estate beneficiaries

We can also assist with the preparation and filing of required tax returns for the state.

Strong Support For Your Family

At Nordaune & Friesen, PLLC, we understand this is a difficult and highly emotional time for everyone involved. We offer experienced, compassionate legal representation as we work with you through the process of settling an estate.

Attorney Betty Friesen handles our estate administration matters and understands these processes can be difficult and intimidating. She is dedicated to the needs of clients and provides legal guidance in a professional, yet friendly and compassionate matter.

Please contact us to discuss your probate or estate planning matter. Call 800-724-2883 or use our simple online form to schedule your appointment.