We Can Help Determine Paternity & Parenting Plans

The birth of a child to unmarried parents may present many issues, including custody and child support. The attorneys at Nordaune & Friesen, PLLC, are highly knowledgeable of paternity-related issues and can help determine your rights with regard to your children.

We represent mothers and fathers as a well-known family law firm in the Twin Cities. We are known for our successful track record representing clients in divorce and family law matters and for our personal, compassionate approach.

Paternity Actions | We Can Help At Any Stage

Establishing paternity can create a mutually beneficial relationship for both the child and the father. For a child’s mother, paternity resolution can also help establish the certainty of child support, parenting time and related issues, giving your child the stability of having both parents in the child’s life.

At Nordaune & Friesen, PLLC, we handle a broad range of paternity-related issues, including:

  • Development of parenting plan agreements
  • Appropriate child support determinations
  • Fair custody arrangements
  • Health and life insurance coverage

If You Are Concerned About Paternity, We Can Put Your Mind At Ease

The emotions and stress of paternity cases can make the process arduous. Let our team treat your case with compassion and care — saving you time and money in the process.

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